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The Artistry of La Perla

La Perla Creative Director Quote

Italian luxury lingerie brand La Perla believes “Lingerie is a part of life.”

Founded over six decades ago on the ideals of female empowerment, an obsession for the finest quality and the need for intelligent design La Perla is living proof that a historic brand can adapt, innovate and transform into today’s modern world while still holding true to their roots.

Any women who loves lingerie knows the name La Perla, their pieces are all at once breathtaking, glamorous and seductive but the craftsmanship behind those pieces is unparalleled.

Last week the La Perla Boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars invited me to an exclusive look at the Spring Collection and a lesson in the Artistry of La Perla.

The main inspiration of the SS18 Collection is the hidden beauty to be found within stones.  The beautiful fluid patterns that are discovered once you cut through a stone.

Showcased in three stunning collections: The Maison Collection, Crystal Forms and Garnet this season is a masters class in fine Italian craftsmanship.

With a heritage of being designed and created in Italy, it is no wonder that La Perla’s lingerie is synonymous with sophisticated artistry and meticulous expertise.

Before I introduce you to the SS Collection it’s important that I share a little about the artistry La Perla uses to create these stunning pieces. These techniques which Italian artisans have used since the 18th and 19th centuries are works of true art.

La Perla is known for three classic Italian techniques in their lingerie pieces: Leavers Lace,  Frastaglio, and Soutage.  These sophisticated techniques are the key to the uniqueness and quality that is La Perla.

La Perla Leavers Lace

Leavers Lace is named after the loom which makes it. Characterized by very elaborate processes to weave the weft and warp, the ability of the leavers loom to work with a very high number of threads means that the lace created stands out thanks to the high definition of the pattern and a particularly fine gauge. It is the most exquisite and precious lace in the world.  There are only 1,200 Leavers looms in the world.

La Perla Frastaglio

Frastaglio is an antique Florentine fretwork technique.  Precious flat stitched embroidery is trimmed on a transparent veil of tulle and then attached onto silk by a meticulous stitching process that done completely by hand.   The embroidery is individually placed on the silk in a way that sits perfectly against the skin.

La Perla Soutage Technique

The Soutache process consists of a loop similar to a ribbon, made of silk or other material, which is meticulously attached by hand onto a fabric base in such a way as to form a design.

These three techniques are used both together and as single components in the Spring/Summer 2018 Collections.

La Perla Maison Collection

La Perla Maison

The Maison Collection is iconic, classic and timeless. It is the core of La Perla and a permanent collection offered year round.  Handcrafted from specialty silk sourced from Como Italy and finished with Frastaglio embroidery this cult collection was created by La Perla founder Ada Masotti over 30 years ago and remains the same today.

La Perla Crystal Forms Collection

La Perla Crystal Forms

The Crystal Forms collection is inspired by waves crashing on the rocks and releasing light effect similar to crystal facets.  The collection utilizes Leavers Lace, metallic threads and silk georgette to create these gorgeous watery patterns.

La Perla SS18

La Perla Garnet Collection

The Garnet Collection utilizes both the Soutache technique and Leavers Lace as well as embroidered tulle, patterned tulle and silk georgette to recreate the movement of stones veins.

I have always admired the quality and beauty of La Perla lingerie but somehow now after learning about the techniques and artistry involved in making them it is so much more to me.  The La Perla Boutique is like an Art Gallery showcasing these timeless techniques.

View the full La Perla SS18 Collection at the La Perla Boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars.

La Perla Artistry and Techniques

Erdem for NARS Strange Flowers Collection


For those of you that are frequent readers you know I am a HUGE Brit Fashion Fan and my most favorite of all British designers is Erdem!

Which is why I was so excited when word hit the streets that Erdem Moralioglu was partnering for his first EVER makeup collaboration with my favorite beautifying brand NARS!

“Modern, unexpected shades and petal-soft textures meet the British visionary’s signature floral aesthetic, creating an exclusive, custom-designed collection that flourishes with feverish femininity. Lips feel the rush. Cheeks get flushed. Eyes mesmerize. When fashion goes full bloom, expect the unexpected.”

The Erdem for Nars Strange Flowers 13 piece limited edition capsule collection which launched last week includes six lipsticks, two eye-shadow palettes, a highlighter stick, two blushes, and the brand’s first powder lip palette and blotting papers.

The packaging is absolutely stunning, the colors are the perfect amount of rich moody vibrancy paired with wonderful sultry sheers it truly is everything I LOVE about ERDEM embodied in a beauty collection.

The whole collection is hauntingly romantic but the real hero piece for me is the Lip Powder Poison Rose Palette. Lip Powder? YES!

Erdem knew from day one that he wanted a lip powder to feature in the collection: “I love the effect of stamped-on, really matte red lips. They remind me of my mother who would always wear a red lip as a sign she was ready to go out and face the world.”

The wonderful thing about these lip powders is that they can be incorporated with ANY of the lip colors in the collection (or with a favorite you might already have at home).  If you follow my Social Channels you know that last week I hosted and exclusive launch of the Collection at the NARS Boutique here in Las Vegas for Influncers where we learned up close and personal HOW to use this magical Lip Palette.

How to Apply Erdem Poison Rose Lip Powder:

  •  I always suggest using a liner first to create defined lips.
  • Then prime the lips with the Lip Priming Balm (the only creamy blend in the palette OR use any of the lipsticks) to create a base and an even canvas.
  • Select your favorite color from the palette and apply with the lip brush to get a matte finish.
  • (Optional) To create an ombre look apply a lighter shade or dab Zira (the shimmering rose gold shade) toward the center of lips.

The powders will create a perfect matte finish that is uber chic, long wearing and transfer resistant!

To check out the Limited Edition Collection out for yourself visit the NARS Boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars.




Erdem for Nars

Erdem for Nars

Not in Las Vegas?  Click Below to SHOP the Collection:

How to Apply erdem for Nars Poison Rose Lip Powder

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Most of the buzz lately surrounding footwear brand Stuart Weitzman has been the SS18 ad campaign.

The campaign has made fashion history by featuring Gigi Hadid and Kate Moss, photographed together for the very first time. Shot by renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino, the images capture two iconic supermodels embodying the brand’s multi-generational appeal while showcasing the essential silhouettes of the season.

I, of course, wanted to get a first hand peek at the collection so I popped over to the Stuart Weitzman boutique at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and it’s even better than I imagined.

The Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection marks Creative Director Giovanni Morelli’s second collection with the brand.  Morelli is the first person other than Mr. Weitzman himself to helm the accessories brand in its 32-year history.

For me it’s the beginning of an exciting new era for Stuart Weitzman.  Still holding true to their iconic classic style yet in an updated, refreshed and refined way.

The collection was inspired by the architectural sensibility of sensual curves and focuses on texture and details.  Curve details make a showing in everything from heels to straps, hardware and silhouettes.

Opulent satins, buttery nappas, suedes, exotic snakeskin and crystal embellishments highlight texture and flow effortlessly through the collection creating unusual pairings that are works of art- like the satin straps on the Botanical Jacquard pieces.  Two fabrics that on paper don’t work but when brought together on a shoe are pure summer magic!

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Floral details are a recurring motif throughout the collection blossoming in every category from edgy metallic rose stud details on slides to pretty ladylike hand painted florals on python pointy toes and sandals.  How gorgeous are these!

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Bold Vibrant Color is key for S/S 2018 and there is no shortage of that in this collection.  There is an entire wall dedicated to the season’s hottest love story: Pink and red.

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

..and then it was love at first sight.  My handbag loving heart skipped a beat when my eyes met this beauty, The Petite Harness.

Crafted from satin it’s a modernist take on the backpack.  It features a foldover compartment with an interior pocket. Its front satin sash is detachable. Wear it with a gown for luxe contrast or pair with trousers for a street-wear chic vibe.  The styling possibilities with this unique beauty are endless!

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

Stuart Weitzman SS18 Collection

There is so much more to see in this fantastic collection.  Check it out for yourself at the Stuart Weitzman Boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

Stuart Weitzman SS 18 Collection

FURLA Opens at Forum Shops

Furla Opens Boutique At The Forum Shops

FURLA’s SS18 Collection is  a feast for the eyes!

Fruits of every color you’ll want to sink your teeth into. If your vibe is to stand tall like a pineapple and wear a crown, maybe a pineapple shaped handbag is just the right amount of sweet to compliment your mood. Or if you are craving a healthy dose of vitamin C maybe a few slices displayed on your weekend tote is just what you have been looking for.  If life gives you lemons.. show them off on an Instagram worthy crossbody bag!

Furla Spring Summer 2018 Collection

FURLA, the iconic Italian leather goods retailer, opened the doors last week to their first Las Vegas Boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

If you follow my blog you know that FURLA is one of my favorite handbag designers- my Metropolis Satchel is seen on repeat in my OOTD photos.  So OBVIOUSLY I was beyond excited about the opening and was invited to get a sneak peek a few hours before the store opened where I viewed the SS18 Collection and sat down with FURLA CEO of the Americas Scott Link to find out the secret to FURLA’s success.

 Q: Until the past few years I think FURLA wasn’t as well known in the US as it was in Europe.  Now EVERY girl knows what a Candy Bag is.  How do you credit the recent success that FURLA has had in the US Market?

SL: I THINK THE Candy bag really helped because it was one of the first collections with our current designer Fabio. If you look at FURLA’s history our biggest growth has been in the last 6 years since Fabio came aboard.  Candy changed FURLA and then Metropolis really put us on the map and the continued playfulness in design themes and staying true to our Italian heritage is the next evolution of it.  The US is really to run wild with FURLA.  This is a big year for us.

Q: What inspired the Spring Collection?

SL: In Italy Italians are really big about only eating what is in season. The inspiration was centered around fruits of the season in Italy. A nod to our Italian history and heritage.  We did it in fun playful ways by mixing fruits with flowers, birds and butterflies and then really punching up the colors of the bags and just having fun with it.  

Q: What is THE must-have bag in the collection?

SL: Any of the fruits! They are eye grabbing, fun, colorful and playful.  We made a slightly larger version of the classic Metropolis this season because as smart phones are growing ladies are noticing they are having a harder time fitting their phones in their bags so we re-designed to accommodate that need. Our Creative Director’s test of bags is that if he hands you a bag you should smile.  If you don’t smile there is more work he needs to do on the bag.  I think every bag in this collection brings a smile!

Q: What sets FURLA apart from other brands?

SL: I think it’s that we have a really wonderful tradition and heritage centered around Italy and its craftsmanship which is really important to us. A majority of all of our products are still made in Italy, all of our leathers are Italian leather and as much as it might be easier to change that it is something we stay true to.

Q: How does a classic brand like FURLA stay relevant in a social media fast fashion culture?

SL: One of the things that we are doing is instead of just doing four collections a year we are trying to infuse newness every month. A new story with a 360 view of that story through digital marketing, store windows, the staff training and customer’s newsletters.  We have shifted the bulk of our advertising dollars to a digital platform and we launched the FURLA Society  which will continue to evolve this year.  We love the idea of the characters and the bags intermingling.

Q: You mentioned the  FURLA Society, what is it?

SL: We worked with a new agency out of the UK to really take our campaign from print to a more digital platform. It’s about an inclusive luxury.  A campaign that everyone can feel a part of.  A playfulness centering around how the bags have a life of their own. The bags turn into the people and the people turn into the bags.  We love it because we really believe that a bag is an expression of who you are and how you want to be seen in the world. The FURLA Society plays that up.

Q: How do you define luxury?

SL: We focus on “Inclusive Luxury”.  At FURLA we say we have “stolen” the best things out of luxury meaning beautiful store designs, beautiful packing and an incredible service level but we place emphasis on that everyone really feels welcome. Whether you are there just to look, buy a $50 key ring or a $1,000 bag you will receive the same type of service and to me that’s what luxury is really all about- making people feel really welcomed no matter what they buy or don’t buy and leaving them with an experience that is memorable and they will share with others.

Q: Why open a boutique in Las Vegas?

SL: Las Vegas is a crossroads of the world. Everyone comes to Vegas from all income levels, all areas of the world and we thought it was the perfect place to really introduce them to the new FURLA. We felt The Forum Shops- maybe because of it’s Italian heritage (LOL)– really worked for us.  What we love about The Forum Shops is that it is so inclusive. It has every brand and every demographic in it.  It wasn’t just exclusively a luxury retail center. It felt akin to us and our idea of “Inclusive Luxury”.

Q: Men’s line – Furla ZEUS – what is the buzz around this exciting new line?

SL: We launched mens in a very serious way about a year ago and it’s a replica of the womens collection in terms of providing a really great product at an affordable price point but also still having a personality to it. We aren’t doing basic boring work bags.  They definitely have personality and character.  The Vegas Boutique doesn’t carry FURLA ZEUS because there just isn’t enough space but it is available online and in our New York boutique.

Q: What do we have to look forward to in the Fall collection?

SL: Fall is really exciting. It is centered around strong women and interpreted through sports inspiration.  There is a nod to rock climbing, fencing, ice skating and boxing.  It was about Fabio speaking to that we think the FURLA woman is a strong woman who has her own ideas.  Its subtle in the details- some of the hardware resembles rock climbing hooks and there is also some beautiful silver mesh on some of the bags to represent fencing. It’s really stunning.  We are also incorporating some high tech fabrics such as nylon, weatherproofing and quilted down into the bags not just leather. To make the bags more durable and lightweight for an active lifestyle.

FURLA Boutique Forum Shops

FURLA Spring Collection 2018

FURLA Spring Summer 2018 Collection

FURLA SS 18 KeyRings

FURLA Spring Summer Collection 2018

FURLA Spring Summer 2018 Collection

FURLA Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Why A-line Silhouettes Stand the Test of Time

A-Line Sihouette

I found my dream dress, I bought it and this blog post is about it.

The RealReal (my favorite source for designer consignment) opened their pop-up shop here in Las Vegas at The Forum Shops at Caesars this month and I scored this beauty within the first 10 minutes they opened their doors.  What did you expect, I’m a professional lol.

This music inspired masterpiece is a Saint Laurent mini A-line dress from the Pre-Fall 2016 Collection and it is EVERYTHING.

In last week’s OOTD post I shared how vintage silhouettes are timeless and designers reuse these silhouettes in current collections because they worked so well the first time around!

Well this dress is living A-line proof.

The A-line silhouette was fist introduced in the 1950s. It is fitted at the shoulders and hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A.

The term “A-line” was first used to refer to a fashion silhouette created by Christian Dior, in his Spring 1955 collection titled “A-Line”.  The silhouette sky rocketed to popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s and has been making reappearances in collections ever since.

The reason the A-line silhouette has stood the test of time is because it truly is the perfect fit for just about every body type.  The flattering cut cinches at the waist (the most narrow part of the body), yet gracefully glides away from the hips and thigh area providing chic camouflage on your lower half.  They can be mini, maxi or midi, have straps or sleeves -the options are endless!

While the fabrics, embellishments, prints, and proportions change all the time, the A-Line silhouette will forever be a mainstay of many new fashion collections to come.  I mean come on, a shape that looks good on everyone?  It’s not going anywhere.

Stylist’s Tip: So here’s a question I’ve been asked over and over and I thought this was the perfect time to address it: “What is the difference between Yves Saint Laurent and Saint Laurent”? Well, back in 2013 when Hedi Slimane took over the brand the Ready to Wear was all rebranded at Saint Laurent Paris while the accessories and beauty remained YSL.  Saint Laurent Paris simply refers to the Ready to Wear.  The official brand is still Yves Saint Laurent.

Why A-Line Silhouettes have stood the test of time

How to wear an A-Line Dress

A-line silhouette

Saint Laurent Music Note Dress

Saint Laurent Music Note Dress

A-Line Silhouette

A-Line Dress

How to wear an A-line dress

What I’m Wearing: Saint Laurent A-Line Mini Dress | Chloe T-bar Heels | TOPSHOP Metallic Bag

Click to SHOP some of my top picks in A-Line dresses:

Why A-Line silhouettes have sttod the test of time and why you should be wearing one.