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Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” or perhaps make limoncello. But this summer, the mantra changes even more becoming: “when life gives you lemons, wear them!”

Not only is the bold citrus hue of Yellow hot this season, so is the actual manifestation of the color in the form of Lemon Prints!

Lemon prints have been a favorite of Italian designers for years just take a look at any collection from just about any season of Dolce & Gabbana or Versace.

Inspired by Southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast which is renowned for its sweet delicious lemons that grow in abundance from trees that cling from the cliffs, for decades Italian designers have embraced the lemon as THE quintessentially Italian Spring/Summer print.

I’ve always been a big fan of bold kitschy prints once the weather turns warm (Cactus prints, Pineapple prints, Cherry Prints, etc) and this season is no different. Lemon print pieces for Spring have been on my fashion radar lately mainly because I have been spotting them EVERYWHERE, in shops, online, on Instagram and of course on the runways.

What’s not to love about this freshly squeezed trend, it bright, full of chic Italian style inspo and perfectly suited to Spring/Summer making lemon prints a quick easy way to add some zest and freshen up your wardrobe for Spring!

Stylists Tip: The quickest way to up the chic factor of any dress is to ditch the self-belt (a belt that comes with a garment and is made of the same material as the garment).  Instead opt for a belt with texture or contrast to create visual interest.  The self-belt that came with this dress was a fabric sash that basically disappeared it didn’t really add any value to the look, by styling the dress with this Chloe Suede belt it creates more of a waistline, breaks up the pattern and makes the entire look  feel more luxe.

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

Whatevs Denim Jacket

How to Wear A Neck Scarf

Lemon Print Pieces for Spring

What I’m Wearing: Chetta B Lemon Print Dress (I can’t locate this online but I purchased it at Marshalls) | Chloe Belt | Chloe Wedge Sandal | J Brand Denim Jacket | Back Patch from Bohemian Blue | Silk Neck Scarf | Chloe Butterfly Sunglasses| TOPSHOP Clutch |

Take a look at these AMAZING Lemon Print Pieces for Spring that will have you wanting Lemon Prints to be your main squeeze this season!  Click to SHOP:

How to Rock the Lemon Print Trend

How to Wear Stripes Like a Boss

Stripes Trend Spring 2018

So you may have heard, Stripes are hot for Spring 2018.

Designers painted the runways with big, bold stripes from vertical to horizontal, broad banned and pencil thin, vibrant, bold and colorful in everything from dual tones to the full rainbow stripes are EVERYWHERE this season.

The word “stripes” somehow instantly strikes fear into the hearts of every gal.  We were taught from an early age that stripes make you look bigger- and no one wants that so most people avoid them all together.

I’m here to tell you to throw out those outdated fashion rules.  It’s ok to wear stripes- they just have to be the RIGHT type of stripes.  I know it’s scary but I’m here to help.

There are a few tricks you can use to wear stripes and rock them like a boss, here is how.

The key with stripes (as with any other trend) is to choose a silhouette that flatters your frame and brings focus to your physical pluses rather than drawing attention to the parts of your body that you would rather camouflage. So you don’t have the most “runway” type frame, well neither do I but you can still wear stripes! I rock my stripes in a silhouette with a fitted waist and full skirt, a tried and true silhouette for me.

If you wear stripes vertically they can be slimming and even appear to add a few inches to your height. Horizontal stripes strategically placed at your bust and hips can create an optical illusion of a smaller waist. Wider stripes tend to add a bit of width so they are perfect for creating the illusion of a larger bust or to create the illusion of curves on boyish figures.

Stripes of varying sizes can help create curves where you may not have them while still flattering your natural figure and smaller stripes can create a narrowing illusion.

Try mixing and matching your stripes (yes, you can wear stripes of different sizes and colors in the same outfit!), go head to toe or just use them as an accent.  The fun of fashion is experimenting!

Still hearing your mother’s warnings echoing in your ears?  Stripes still too scary?  Try adding stripes in baby steps.  Start by adding them with accessories like shoes and handbags! With a little practice you’ll be painting the town striped in no time!

How to Wear Stripes

How to wear Stripes

How to wear Stripes

Lucky Brand Belt Buckle

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

How to Wear Stripes

Free People Boots

How to Wear Stripes

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Dress from StilettosandSinCity | Free People Carrera Bootie (I found these at Marshalls but you can also find them here) | Lucky Brand Belt and Buckle | Vintage Saddle Bag (Similar found here) | Marc Jacobs Sunglasses |

Click to SHOP a few of my favorite striped pieces this season:

How to Wear Stripes and pull them off like a boss!

Spring Fashion Trends with Neiman Marcus

Spring Fashion Trends from Neiman Marcus

Last week I hosted a fabulous Influencer Fashion Happy Hour at Neiman Marcus for their CUSP event.

What happen’s when you get 25 fashion influencers in a room?  Well, we sipped on stunning rainbow martini’s from the Mariposa Cafe, snacked on delish aperitif’s and of course chatted about the most Instagram worthy trends of the season.

It all comes down to Stripes, Rainbows, Bold Color, Florals and Glitter. For Spring Summer 2018 it’s time to bring out that Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Rainbow Stripes Trend Ss18

This season reach for the brightest, boldest, most eye-catching Stripes you can find!   Re-imagined and refreshed Spring 2018 offers a fun and playful take on the classic pattern.  Stripes in both bold colors and rainbow iterations hit the mark for SS18.

Soft Sunnies Trend Spring 2018

Look at the World through rose, or sunny yellow or baby blue colored glasses.  Soft Sunnies, aka colored tinted lens sunglasses are EVERYTHING this season. Whether you rock aviators, shields, wayfarers or over-sized sunnies, this season it’s not so much about the silhouette as it is the shade you are viewing the world through.

Bold Color and Floral Trend SS18

Bright, bold optimistic colors in a rainbow of saturated mood boosting shades paired with Spring’s classic Floral Prints make for an eye catching combo to brighten your outlook.

Glitter Trend SS18

Shine Bright like a Diamond.  Glitter and sparkle this season in everything from your lips to your eyes, shoes and clothing.  I am OBSESSED with these Gucci glitter sneakers and Sophia Webster for PUMA trainers.

Sophia Webster for PUMA

Shoe Trends SS18

Point those Toes!  Pointy Toe Heels are BAAACK for SS18. The best part is they make your legs look long and lean! That would make any gal happy!

Rainbow Jewelry Trend SS18

Rainbow Everything. Show off your true colors- ALL of them- this season in a bright burst of rainbow stripes.  The rainbow jewelry trend lets you sparkle and shine in a bold array of colors and textures.  From Boho to Full-on-Glam step over the rainbow in a piece that suits your personal style.

Neiman Marcus CUSP Trends SS18

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends. Add some Happy vibes to your wardrobe this season!

Vintage Silhouettes

vintage silhouettes

Vintage silhouettes rule.

Classic shapes that worked so well in the past they’re worth bringing back today.

Alessandro Michele has single-handedly revived the Gucci brand as a powerhouse with global reach based on the main premise of vintage silhouettes and other major fashion houses such as Chloe, Valentino and Miu Miu have followed suit.  It seems everyone is inspired by looking backwards.

I am so in love with this Outfit of the Day because it was a gift from my dear friend Patty at Stilettos and Sin City.

It is a vintage piece she found on one of her hunts, I feel so Westworld-chic in it and the details are incredible. The cuffs, the buttons, velvet trim and pockets!  It’s a dream, plus it’s a one of a kind find that is totally on trend.  You will see this same silhouette in current collections from Gucci, Chloe, Marc Jacobs and more!

Patty and I both share a love for vintage finds and she is the ultimate vintage huntress- in fact you can purchase some of her finds on her Insta-stories and on Snapchat.  Her personal collection of curated vintage pieces is jaw dropping.

One of my favorite things about vintage clothing is that it is unique and not everyone is going to be seen wearing the same pieces as you.  It’s a way to tap into the moment’s top trends without spending a gazillion dollars or buying the exact same thing as everyone else!

Vintage pieces can be the unexpected pieces your wardrobe is missing.


vintage silhouettes

vintage silhouettes

Spring 2018 Vintage Silhouettes

Spring 2018 Vintage Silhouettes

Vintage Silhouettes

Spring 2018 Trend Vintage Silhouettes

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Dress from StillettosandSinCity | Tory Burch Gemini Link Patent Chain Shoulder Bag | Nine West Velvet Bootie |

Click to SHOP some of my Favorite Vintage Silhouettes:

Spring 2018 Fashion trends. Vintage Silhouettes are a must-have.

Camouflage The Print to Be Seen In

Camouflage Pant Trend

Military influences are always a huge trend for Spring but this season Camo Pants and Cargo Pants are completely taking over.

Alexander Wang showcased loose easy military-esc cargo pants paired with sparkly tops in his Spring Collection, slouchy camo cargo pants were everywhere over at Zadig & Voltaire and just about every fashion influencer on the planet is either currently rockin’ or getting ready to rock this trend.

At first I was a little hesitant to adopt this one but after a long journey- if you follow my stories on Instagram you know what I went through to get these pants just right- I fell in love.

Here’s why you’ll be seeing me rock this trend:

First, the pants are totally comfy.  Imagine that, a leg with a little room, a nice fit in the waist and you can bend over without fear of splitting your trousers.

Second it’s fun and surprisingly versatile.  You have to be creative when paring with camouflage to avoid looking like you’re headed to a paintball tournament.

Girly it out with soft silky fabrics, lace and heels or edge it up with leather, band tees and some leopard.

Whichever way you choose to style it GO ALL THE WAY.  There’s no half-measures when it comes to Camouflage.

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

What I’m Wearing: ASOS BREE Camo Pants | Dolly Parton “Find Something You Love Then Do It On Purpose” Tee | Donald J Pliner Leopard Heel | KOOBA Patent Leather Clutch | X The Band Bandanna | Stella McCaryney Sunglasses | Muuba Leather Jacket | ASOS Full Metal Rose Gold Waist Belt |

Click to SHOP some of my Favorite Camo pant finds:

How to Rock the Camouflage Pant Trend