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Giant Vintage Sunglasses

I love my shades, love vintage styles and I love switching them up with undaunted frequency.

My newest discovery is a place that can make all three happen!  A magical sunglass Utopia!

Giant Vintage is a ridiculously fun website where you can choose from tons of vintage styles made of quality material for under $25.00. Yes under $25!!!


(above: BOBSKI and KRACKLE glasses from Giant Vintage)

(above: CLAIRE and SIXTY SEVEN glasses from Giant Vintage)

The cool cats at Giant Vintage shared with me the secret behind their shades:

Q: What is the concept behind Giant Vintage?

GV: Our Goal is to sell really great vintage sunglasses at reasonable prices.  In the beginning of Giant Vintage, a lot of people told us we should be charging more for the older, high quality glasses and the more desirable frames, but we stayed with our original $12-$24 price range.  People really seen to appreciate it.  It’s hard to find any good vintage anymore…and even harder to find it at a great price.

Q: Why vintage styles?

GV: We have been travelling the country shopping for vintage clothing and accessories for 15 years.  The sunglasses shop was a natural and needed progression…as we were being pushed out of our home by the amount of stuff we had collected!

Q: Where do you come up with the ideas for designs?

GV: Almost all of our inventory is genuine vintage.  The new Styles we stock are reproductions of vintage frames we have run out of.  It’s really great to be able to do that because it makes us really sad when we see that we are running out of one of our faves. (reproductions are indicated with a star next to them ex: SKI BLACK*, everything else is genuine vintage).

Q: How should someone pick the right shape (or era) of frame for their face?

GV: Y’know, there are so many variations on each style..anyone can wear almost any shape.  That’s why we show the same faces modeling so many different styles on our website..if that one person can pull off mirrored aviators, tiny round glasses and big Prada-style cat-eye, then so can you!  You should buy what you love.

Q:What are the big sunglass trends for Spring/Summer 2011?

GV: We are still seeing the cat-eye trend going strong and it seems like Aviators have suddenly exploded for us…especially Aviators with colored lenses.

You can stock up on all your fave vintage style from Giant Vintage at

Eyewear that is so chic and affordable,  you will even want to wear your sunglasses at night! (insert laugh track).

Giant Vintage knows your future is so bright you gotta wear shades!

1 Lucky winner will receive a pair of white LOVE sunglasses– the style of shades I’ve been rocking this month!


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Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is Melissa B.