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Little Miss Cozy’s Cowichan Sweater

Cowichan Sweater

A redhead and a brunette walk into a bar….

No this isn’t the first line of a super funny joke, it’s the story behind this Outfit of the Day.

While my sister was in town for the holidays we set out on an epic shopping adventure which landed us at California Pizza Kitchen’s bar. As we sipped our cocktails we couldn’t help but notice a girl sitting across from us in the coziest, chicest sweater we had ever seen.  After a quick Rock Paper Scissors we determined my sister would ask her where she got it.

Little Miss Cozy Sweater said it was a Cow-wi-gen sweater and that she got it on E-bay.

If you don’t already know this, my sister and I love a good scavenger hunt.  We are OBSESSED with tracking down and finding impossible things, so once Little Miss Cozy Sweater gave us that tiny bit of information it was like signaling the start of a race.

We put on our detective hat’s and went to work on our phones.  After about 10 minutes we learned that Cow-wi-gen is actually Cowichan and it’s a form of knitting NOT a clothing brand.

Cowichan sweaters (also called Siwash Sweaters, Indian Sweaters, Curling Sweaters or sometimes Mary Maxim Sweaters) originated in the 1800’s with the native tribes on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and have become iconic to B.C. ever since.

Cowichan sweaters are knit from natural, hand spun, undyed sheep’s wool. The yarn is so strong the sweater will hold it’s shape for decades and the high lanolin content of the wool makes a water repellant, stain resistant sweater that keeps its wearer warm and dry, absorbs body moisture, and ventilates body heat.

After two more cocktails, I had located this Rockabilly inspired Cowichan beauty on E-bay and hit “Buy Now”.  My sister snagged one with a traditional Thunderbird on the back.

This gorgeous gal is even more cozy than Little Miss Cozy Sweater made it look.  WARMER than my puffer coat and wonderously comfortable it’s like a big hug from an old friend.

Stylist’s Tip: These sweaters are meant to be over-sized and are usually unisex so they are VERY roomy.  I am wearing a medium.  So keep in mind and check measurements when selecting your size before purchasing.

Cowichan Sweater

Vintage Cowichan Sweater

Vintage Cowichan Sweater

Vintage Cowichan Sweater

Square Dancing Cowichan Sweater

Cowichan Sweater

Cowichan Sweater

Cowichan Sweater

What I’m Wearing: Square Dancing Vintage Cowichan Sweater | Anna Sui for Inc. Dazzler Western Boots | Pim + Larkin Fit and Flare Dress | H&M Scarf | Old Navy Turtleneck |

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How to Elevate a Sweatshirt

How to elevate a Sweatshirt

Sometimes a sweatshirt is just what the fashion doctor ordered.  Warm, cozy and basically perfect they are like the comfort food of fashion.

Even though it feels like you are taking a fashion break, this off duty staple can be so much more than just a lazy day ensemble.

For the past couple seasons we have seen a whole new side of the off-duty go-to: sweatshirts looking chic and elegant, and not anything like you’re on the way to the gym.

This season the love affair with sweatshirts continues with The Elevated Sweatshirt.

How do you elevate a Sweatshirt?

Well, sweatshirts can be elevated by stylish shapes or fancy decorations, with split seams, trendy sleeve emphasis, graphics or tweaked proportions.

They can also be elevated by how you style them!

Layered:  This is a more tailored, feminine take on the trend, and an easy way to try out wearing the look. Perfectly preppy, reach for a slimmer fit, crew neck sweatshirt and layer it over a collared shirt.  I love layering with collars that have fun details or embellishments.

Vintage Look: A vintage sweatshirt (or vintage looking sweatshirt) is always a good idea. Pair with flouncy skirts, jeans, pajama pants, trousers, leather skirts, layer them over a dress or under a denim jacket.

Lampshading: Lampshading is the pairing of boots with a large or oversized sweatshirt —it has been blowing up on Instagram. The oversized top is meant to make the silhouette of a lampshade in comparison to the wearer’s legs.

With a Skirt: Opposites attract. This look is a great mix of feminine and masculine, edgy and sporty.

How will you style your sweatshirts this season?

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elevated sweatshirt

elevated sweatshirt

How to elevate a sweatshirt

how to elevate a sweatshirt

velvet booties

How to elevate a sweatshirt

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