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Emergency Beauty Tip #3 (what to wear on a Date with the Chippendales)

Alright Ladies!  I have received numerous emails from gals that are confused on what to wear on a first date.  There are so many different opinions on this topic but I wanted to give you the guys perspective…THE guys perspective.  Check this out….

Emergency Beauty Tip #2: Grooming Intervention

Guys, this one’s for you.  It’s time for a Grooming Intervention.

Emergency Beauty Tip #1

I am really excited to introduce a new series of VLOGs  (Video Blogs).

I have received tons of emails and comments that everyone wants to hear more about my work, what we do on set, stylist secret tips and what my job is like- this series will give you a peek behind the curtain with a bit of cheeky humor and some guest appearances from some of my favorite models.  I hope you enjoy!