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Straight out of a Fairy Tale: Glow in the Dark Flower

Glow in the Dark Flower

I discovered something straight out of a Fairy Tale this week that will make your dreams come to life.

Who remembers the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast?

Growing up, Walt Disney helped me believe that dreams really do come true and inspired me to believe that the impossible can become possible.

This fairy tale flower captures that message in one enchantingly beautiful glass dome.

This captivating Beauty and the Beast-esc dome rose from Glow in the Dark Flower  lasts for up to a year and has been sprinkled with fairy dust to make it actually Glow in the Dark!

OK maybe not fairy dust- it’s a plant based solution developed by flAVATAR but fairy dust sounds better lol.

How is this magic possible? It’s a two step process.  One for the flower preservation and one for the Glow ion the Dark effect.

The roses are sourced from Ecuador and cut when the rose is in full bloom.  They are then soaked in special oils, including glycerine and other oils, that preserve them. The process is all natural and no harmful chemicals are used.

After a couple of days, the oils replace the sap of the rose leaving it fresh looking and soft to the touch with a natural appearance and radiant colors that can last up to a year!

To make the rose glow it is then then dipped in another 100% plant based solution createad by Flavatar Technology for the treatment of preserved roses which makes them glow in the dark. The technology developed by flAVATAR Technology is in all aspects free from gene manipulations. The substance used to treat the plants are 100% safe as well as for the natural environment, as humans and animals.

They glow for up to 30 minutes (depending on the level of charging), if immediately put in a dark place after charging. Should the glow fade with time, charging is very easy, you only need to place the arrangement to direct sunlight, lamp, or even your cellphone flash light for a couple of minutes and it will glow beautifully again.

Maintaining the roses is simple as they never need water.  Keep them out of direct sunlight, extreme heat and high humidity.  Try to avoid touching them so that the Glow in the Dark substance stays on it!

A perfect gift for the dreamer in your life or to help inspire a little magic in yourself.

The roses are available in both Parisian Style Boxes and European Glass Dome’s. For more information or to order visit

Glow in the dark Flower

Glow in the Dark Flower

Glow in the dark flower

The Freedom of Dryel


The past couple of months have been completely cray cray. Photo shoots in five different states from coast to coast equals piles and piles of laundry for a fashion stylist.

To be honest the piles are totally overwhelming and I’m on a tight turn around before I head off again to Arizona for another shoot.

ALL of my wardrobe stock is dirty.  Seriously EVERYTHING.  So…..dang……dirty.

It’s been a two day Olympic style marathon of laundry duty trying to get everything clean in time but what about the dry clean only’s?

No time to take them to a dry cleaner and get them back before I leave, but I’m not stressing because I have my own personal dry cleaner right at home: Dryel at Home Dry Cleaner.


It is a convenient at-home Dry Cleaning system that safely steams and cleans soils, stains and odors, while removing wrinkles and saving both time and money. It cleans 10 garments for the cost of one dry cleaned garment, and it works great on ALL YOUR CLOTHES everything from sweaters to blouses, blazers, dresses and trousers.

No fading, no shrinking and no stretching!

It’s as easy as Zip It, Steam It, Rock it.

Dryel saves the day every-time by letting me clean clothing on my terms.  No driving, no waiting on pick up times, no working around store hours, just me deciding when I want to launder my clothes in the comfort of my own home!


I can’t tell you how many times Dryel has saved me both with my personal clothing and pieces for photoshoots.

Thanks to Dryel everything is clean, fresh, packed and ready for it’s next adventure.

Dryel is available at most major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and

This post is powered by Dryel.


Cocktail Courier

Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself “Where the heck have you been all my life”?

Scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago I spotted something that made me wonder just that, Cocktail Courier by ShakeStir.

See folks- Instagram ads do work lol.

Cocktail Courier by ShakeStir is the box subscription service I have been waiting for!  It’s booze in a box delivered directly to your door!

Yaas oh yaas!

They send everything you need to make a tasty drink concocted by some of the worlds best bartenders.

“Cocktail Courier aims to demystify the craft cocktail process by delivering its cocktail packages complete with pre-measured ingredients (including the liquor) and an easy-to-follow recipe card with step-by-step instructions.”

For just  $39.99/box for Standard Subscriptions and $49.99/box for Premium Subscriptions you can have an mixologist worthy box of ingredients to make 6-8 cocktails (depending on the recipe) right at home. There are different delivery plans but they range from weekly to bi-weekly and monthly. You can also skip at anytime and there is even the option to purchase one-off boxes that are not subscription based!

When it arrives just open the box, shake or stir as directed, then sit back and enjoy!

Cocktail Courier

Your anytime Happy Hour goodies arrive in a cute box  loaded with fresh ingredients, artisan mixers, top-shelf spirits, and an easy-to-follow recipe card.

The drink I received was Scot’s Cidre, a super refreshing whiskey/ginger/lemon drink.  SO DELISH!

Cocktail Courier

The instructions were super easy to follow and I mixed this drink up like a boss for some friends at a brunch who didn’t know I was taking blog photos around the corner and thought for a few minutes that I had just whipped up this masterpiece on my own.

Full disclosure- I may have let them believe it for MORE than a FEW minutes before I told them its was Cocktail Courier lol.

I am so in LOVE with this service.  A great gift idea and a fun way to reward yourself for a hard week or month’s work.

It’s like a party in a box.

Sign me up!

Cocktail Courier Scots Cidre

Scots Cidre

Click here to check out Cocktail Courier for yourself. Click, order, sip!

Goop or Glop

Gwyneth Paltrow’s weekly publication/website “Goop” is often mocked for pushing ludicrously priced products, strange recipes and outlandishly bizarre beauty tips such as V-Steams — a spa treatment that cleanses a customer’s lady parts. 

Gwyneth, any lady living in Las Vegas in the summer can tell you- vagina steaming is not a relaxing luxurious beauty treatment.

New York author Gabrielle Moss took inspiration from Paltrow’s strange lifestyle tips and went like 20 steps further in her hilarious book, Glop, a scathingly funny parody of the actress’ brand.

‘Glop: Nontoxic, expensive ideas that will make you look ridiculous and feel pretentious’ presents a laugh-out-loud inducing bevy of beauty and lifestyle ideas such as adding bees to your morning smoothie, make-at-home stem cell moisturizing repair masques and preparing bone broth from the femur of an acclaimed young actress.

“Glop is a business and a website. But Glop is also a feeling. It’s about picking the right expensive organic eye cream that will make you a tall, thin, wealthy blonde WASP who fits seamlessly into the top tiers of high society and sits next to Bono at a 42-course seitan tasting dinner held in a sex dungeon deep beneath the North Pole. Glop is about being conscious to the tiny details of our lives—what to eat, where to buy your cashmere yoga pants, which juice cleanse will remove the most mercury toxins from both your body and your cashmere yoga pants. Glop is about you.”

Gabrielle’s book is divided into chapters mimicking Gwyneth’s site sections and covers everything from parenting advice, spirituality, fitness, travel, culture and fashion.

Seriously this book is funnier with every page flip- like the Devil Wears Prada of new age elitist life advice.

There are tips on detoxes, like the Raw Raw Honey Detox, which is designed to result in “your urine [becoming] a viscous golden rope” at the end of the week, and also advises that if you can’t do any of the suggested detoxes, to just get your assistant to do them for you. If you’re more into financial advice the chapter “The Universe’s #1 Financial Law: If You’re Poor It’s Because You Keep Thinking About Being Poor” is just for you or for those dabbling in decor try “Decor I Would Never Personally Buy, but Maybe It Would Look Nice in Your Smaller Home”.

Glop is a grab a pretentious cocktail and don’t take yourself so seriously must-read! This scathingly humorous parody pokes fun at the extravagant, elitist and full on ridiculousness of the website we all love to hate.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face page after page.


Links a la Mode December

I am finishing the year off with a BANG!

My Post “Meet the Men Behind Our Cameras” was featured in this week’s Independent Fashion Bloggers Links a la Mode.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the list features the best articles on fashion and beauty chosen from articles submitted by IFB members. I am super honored to be on their list again!

IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) cultivates a community for fashion bloggers to share their experiences and create a resource so everyone can build a better blog.  They post helpful articles, host meetups, and creating opportunities for members to participate in branded promotions when available.

I am thrilled to end my year with this honor.  Make sure to check out some of the other blog that were featured along side mine in this week’s roundup!

As we close out 2016, these bloggers are making it their mission to provide major holiday inspiration! From maternity wear down to the specifics of which sparkly nail polish you should choose, there’s something here for you. Grab a cup of hot cocoa to enjoy these great finds. Oh, and Happy New Year!
Links à la Mode, Dec 29th