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Vintage Silhouettes

vintage silhouettes

Vintage silhouettes rule.

Classic shapes that worked so well in the past they’re worth bringing back today.

Alessandro Michele has single-handedly revived the Gucci brand as a powerhouse with global reach based on the main premise of vintage silhouettes and other major fashion houses such as Chloe, Valentino and Miu Miu have followed suit.  It seems everyone is inspired by looking backwards.

I am so in love with this Outfit of the Day because it was a gift from my dear friend Patty at Stilettos and Sin City.

It is a vintage piece she found on one of her hunts, I feel so Westworld-chic in it and the details are incredible. The cuffs, the buttons, velvet trim and pockets!  It’s a dream, plus it’s a one of a kind find that is totally on trend.  You will see this same silhouette in current collections from Gucci, Chloe, Marc Jacobs and more!

Patty and I both share a love for vintage finds and she is the ultimate vintage huntress- in fact you can purchase some of her finds on her Insta-stories and on Snapchat.  Her personal collection of curated vintage pieces is jaw dropping.

One of my favorite things about vintage clothing is that it is unique and not everyone is going to be seen wearing the same pieces as you.  It’s a way to tap into the moment’s top trends without spending a gazillion dollars or buying the exact same thing as everyone else!

Vintage pieces can be the unexpected pieces your wardrobe is missing.


vintage silhouettes

vintage silhouettes

Spring 2018 Vintage Silhouettes

Spring 2018 Vintage Silhouettes

Vintage Silhouettes

Spring 2018 Trend Vintage Silhouettes

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Dress from StillettosandSinCity | Tory Burch Gemini Link Patent Chain Shoulder Bag | Nine West Velvet Bootie |

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Spring 2018 Fashion trends. Vintage Silhouettes are a must-have.

Camouflage The Print to Be Seen In

Camouflage Pant Trend

Military influences are always a huge trend for Spring but this season Camo Pants and Cargo Pants are completely taking over.

Alexander Wang showcased loose easy military-esc cargo pants paired with sparkly tops in his Spring Collection, slouchy camo cargo pants were everywhere over at Zadig & Voltaire and just about every fashion influencer on the planet is either currently rockin’ or getting ready to rock this trend.

At first I was a little hesitant to adopt this one but after a long journey- if you follow my stories on Instagram you know what I went through to get these pants just right- I fell in love.

Here’s why you’ll be seeing me rock this trend:

First, the pants are totally comfy.  Imagine that, a leg with a little room, a nice fit in the waist and you can bend over without fear of splitting your trousers.

Second it’s fun and surprisingly versatile.  You have to be creative when paring with camouflage to avoid looking like you’re headed to a paintball tournament.

Girly it out with soft silky fabrics, lace and heels or edge it up with leather, band tees and some leopard.

Whichever way you choose to style it GO ALL THE WAY.  There’s no half-measures when it comes to Camouflage.

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

Camouflage Pant Trend

What I’m Wearing: ASOS BREE Camo Pants | Dolly Parton “Find Something You Love Then Do It On Purpose” Tee | Donald J Pliner Leopard Heel | KOOBA Patent Leather Clutch | X The Band Bandanna | Stella McCaryney Sunglasses | Muuba Leather Jacket | ASOS Full Metal Rose Gold Waist Belt |

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How to Rock the Camouflage Pant Trend

Valentine’s Day Style I Heart It

Valentine's Day Style

The Countdown is on.  Valentine’s Day is just over a week away and I wanted to show the holiday a little LOVE on the blog today.

Some people dread Valentine’s cheesy-ness (The Hallmark or Lifetime channel versions).  I try to look at Valentine’s Day differently, to me it’s quite simply about LOVE.  This means love for my dogs, my friends, my family and even myself.

Part of sharing and spreading love is feeling good about yourself and a cute outfit always helps in that department so let’s talk Valentine’s Day Style.

Whether you’ll be spending V-Day with the love of your life, having a fun Gal-entine’s Day with friends or spending some quality “me time” with NETFLIX, you should feel amazing about whatever you’re up to on Valentine’s Day in an outfit you love.

Here are three of my Valentine’s Day Style Tips to help guide cupid’s arrow.

  • Pink and Red are Valentine’s Day’s signature colors and luckily they are both HOT HOT HOT this spring. Wear them separately or pair them together either way you’re on trend!
  • Put a Heart On It. Valentine’s Day need not be all about strict solid color palettes. Instead, opt for whimsical heart prints and shapes on your top, skirt, dress or accessories for a touch of playfulness.
  • Wear-Now Wear-Later.  As always my advice if you are purchasing something special for the occasion is to make sure you have other less Valentine’s day-ish pieces to pair it with later.  Get the most bang for your buck by buying a piece you can restyle again and again.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day make sure to give yourself a little love.  Set aside a bit of time for yourself, acknowledge of all your more lovable traits and give yourself a pat on the back for all your efforts and achievements so far in your life. You are doing great!  Charm and flattery are a traditional feature of Valentine’s Day so why not turn a little of both on yourself for a change?

Valentine's Day Style

Valentine's Day Style

Valentine's Day Style

Valentine's Day Style

Valentine's Day Style

Valentine's Day Style

Valentine's Day Style

Valentine's Day Style

What I’m Wearing:  Luxe by Stylekeepers Marlow Textured Skirt | Tory Burch Bombe Reva Clutch | MODCLOTH Milk Blouse | Donald J Pliner Jorie Velvet Bootie | Neff Heart Sunglasses (similar found here) | Vintage Rose Ring|

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Why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

Knit Skirts and Dresses

There is nothing better than a piece that combines style, fit and comfort.

Let’s face it, our bodies aren’t all created equal and we certainly don’t all have curves in the same places which is why shopping off the rack, without any alterations, can be difficult for many of us.

Some are bigger in the hips while others might have a bit of a tummy or broad shoulders or a large chest, so getting the perfect fit universally out of standard sizing can be challenging.

One of my long time fashion loves that solves so many fashion problems with it’s wonderful figure flattering powers is knit skirts and dresses.

They are the perfect balance between style, fit and comfort.

I’m not talking about chunky sweater knits, I mean beautifully luxe lightweight fitted knit skirts and dresses in form-fitting and A-line cuts.

Not only do they emphasize your figure they also make you feel feminine and are super comfortable.

The knit fabric stretches and adjusts perfectly to all your curves making a knit skirt or dress the most ultra flattering piece for any type of figure.

Knits pair with just about anything AND are wearable in all seasons- you can find slightly heavier weights with tighter weaves for winter like the skirt I am wearing here or feather-light  breathable ones for summer like the M Missoni one I wore in my “Cactus Print Trend” post last summer.

Every gal needs at least one knit skirt/dress in their fashion arsenal (aka closet), trust me it will be your go-to “I always look good and feel good in it” piece.

Why I love knit skirts and dresses

How to wear knit skirts and dresses

Kate Spade Terrace Bag

Why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

Denim jacket Trends

why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

What I’m Wearing: Saks Fifth Avenue RED Ruffle Denim Jacket | Saks Fifth Avenue Textured Flare Skirt | MODCLOTH Blouse | Anna Sui for INC Dazzler Western Boot | Kate Spade Bow Terrace Justine Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Ring|

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Full Velvet Takeover

How to Wear a Trend Head-to-toe

Wearing a trend head-to-toe has been officially “a thing” for the past few seasons and it isn’t slowing down any time soon.

From donning all one color to full body florals, wearing the “full look” was all over the spring/summer runways from Chloe to Valentino, Emilio Pucci, and Chanel.

Put on the training wheels and start experimenting with this trend now in the form of lux velvet, winter whites, millennial pinks or nudes then once Spring hits you’ll be a pro at it and ready for something a little more adventurous like head-to-toe yellow, bold monochromatic top to bottom reds or all-in hawaiian prints.

Whether you choose to make your head-to-toe statement with color, patterns or fabric the key to pulling off the trend is texture.  Make sure that there are details to break up the monotony of the recurring theme.  Lace, sheer pieces and ruffles are great accents to bring life to a head-to-toe look.  Small touches like a pop of another bright tone in the form of accessories will also lift your ensemble to the next level.

Velvet Trend

FURLA Metropolis Bag

Velvet trend

Wearing velvet head to toe

Wearing Velvet head to toe

Donald J Pliner Velvet bootie

Wearing a Trend Head-to-toe

Wearing a Trend Head-to-toe

Wearing a Trend Head-to-toe

What I’m Wearing: Shoshanna Velvet Tiered Dress | Donald J. Pliner Black Velvet Bootie | FURLA Metropolis Tote | Kendra Scott Color Bar Ring | Vintage Rose Ring |

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