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How to Add Color, Texture and Shine to Your Look

One secret every stylist knows is that color, texture and shine are the keys to giving your look depth.

When an outfit feels flat or that it’s “missing something”, try incorporating accessories, layering pieces and shoes that add color, texture or shine. This will give your outfit depth, which makes it look more interesting, eye-catching and “special”.

Texture is all about combining different materials that will create contrast and balance.   It’s about paying attention to the fabric’s details. It’s about balancing the hard and the soft.  Remember that opposites attract and beauty can be found in the contrast!  Smooth with rough, leather with lace.  It can be as simple as combining prints or layering different types of fabrics to compliment each other.

Color can be anything from adding a POP of color or skillfully pairing multiple shades in the same color family.  For Fall I love to play with a warm earthy pallet like  rusts, burgundies, forest greens, golds and browns.  The colors look lux and give off some serious Fall Vibes!

Shine doesn’t have to be full on disco ball.  It could be adding a glossy lipstick, pairing a metallic accented shoe, shiny beaded details and/or layering in a shimmery jacket.

Once you start experimenting with color, texture and shine you’ll see how easy it is!

I swear you will get more compliments than ever before on your look. Pieces you have worn a million times and were tired of will be reinvented and have new life!

Stylist’s Tip: Fishnets are hot again and one of the easiest ways to add in more texture! Try rockin’ this classic leg wear to add a bit of edge to an otherwise ladylike look.

Deal Alert:  I scored this brocade bootie for $25 at TJ Maxx this week and saw it at DSW for $139.99 the next day.  If you are looking for fun booties at a great price head to TJ Maxx they have a crazy good selection right now!

How to add Color Texture and Shine

Adding color, texture and shine to your look

How to add color, texture and shine to your look

How to add Depth to Your Look

Color, Texture and Shine

Color, Texture and Shine

Add Color texture and Shine to your Look

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Baker Boy Hat Trend

Step aside Fedora, Baker Boy Hats are officially the IT hat of Fall 2017.

This retro style hat also known as the Fiddler cap, Poor Boy hat, Fisherman’s hat and Driver’s cap has taken over.

Honestly you can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without spotting at least one.

Celebrities, fashion editors and just about EVERY fashion loving gal on the planet can’t seem to get enough of this easy to wear topper.

The OBSESSION began back at Fall Fashion Week when designers from Chanel to Prada incorporated Baker Boy Hat’s into their Fall 2017 collections.

This been-there-done-that hat made a showing in some exciting and fresh new forms. Cool leather trimmed options at Valentino, luxe tweeds at Burberry, Corduroy Caps at Prada and even oversized faux fur versions at Miu Miu.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to update your fall/winter wardrobe, then a baker boy cap will do the trick.

Perfect for keeping your head warm or for stretching that blow out one more day, these caps go pretty much with everything.

Pair a Baker Boy cap with a girly dress, distressed jeans or menswear inspired suiting.  They flawlessly add style to both structured and edgy looks.

Adding a Baker Boy cap instantly raises the cool factor of any look, which is why this trending cap a fashion girl’s must have item for Fall 2017.

Have you tried the Baker Boy Trend yet?

Baker Boy Hat Trend

Baker Boy hat trend

Baker Boy Hat Fall 2017 Fashion Trend

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Faux Fur Trend

Faux Fur Trend

Being fake is the hottest trend this season.

Faux Fur, the fabric that was once considered too “costumey” now makes a chic sustainable statement and even the big kids on the Fashion block want to play.

Last month fashion powerhouse Gucci announced that they will be going fur free starting with their Spring 2018 Collection. They will be joining the ranks of other key designers such as Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, and Net-A-Porter, who have all gone fur free and work exclusively with faux fur when adding fur looks to their collections.

The Faux fur trend made a major showing across all the Fall 2017 collections is almost every form.  Faux Fur flew on the runway at Miu Miu who presented fluffy, fun oversize furry coats and coat collars, punctuated by fur rain hats and bubble newsboy caps and flat fur boots in a range of kitchy colors while MSGM added sport racing inspired stripes to bold colorful faux fur jackets and Tadshi Shoji took a ladylike approach by pairing detachable fluffy pink fur collars with beautiful brocade jackets.

Whether it be a jacket trimmed in fur de faux, a full-on shaggy muppet inspired coat or an easy to add in faux fur scarf, a faux fur topper is one of the quickest ways to add insta-glam and street-style credentials to your look.

Stylists Tip: a faux fur collar or scarf with a pop of color can transform the look of a jacket.  Add one in under the collar of a blazer that needs a little boost or to add depth to a look that feels a bit too minimal.  Pair with a range of fabrics: tweeds, velvets, leathers and even denim looks more glam with a fluffy faux fur add on.

Faux Fur Trend Fall 2017

Faux Fur 2017

Chloe Sunglasses

Faux Fur Trend

Faux Fur Trend

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Trick R Treat

Sam from Trick r Treat

It’s Halloween week so why not have a little fun with today’s outfit of the day!

I have NEVER been a sexy Halloween Costume kind of gal. My costumes have always hit on the comical or scary end of the spectrum.

Living in Las Vegas I’m sure you can just imagine the amount of naughty nurses, sexy vampires and slutty bunnies, I see at Halloween!  Gals here can turn any costume into a sexy costume,, you have to admire their ingenuity.  Sexy Can of Soup, Sexy Freddy Kreuger, Sexy Edward Scissor Hands.  Year after year I watch these same gals freeze their butts off in their itty bitty costumes while I am all nice and warm in whatever terror I have brewed up.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sexy costumes, they just aren’t my personal jam.  I’m all about the creep factor.

One of my all time favorite costumes is this Sam from Trick ‘r Treat.  It’s warm, it’s creepy and I can walk around totally incognito in it. Mwah ha ha.

For those of you not familiar with the film, Trick ‘r Treat is a 2007 anthology horror film written and directed by Michael Dougherty. It centers on four Halloween related horror stories. One common element that ties the stories together is the presence of Sam (short for Samhain), a mysterious pumpkin headed burlap sack wearing trick ‘r treater, who makes an appearance in all the stories whenever a character breaks Halloween traditions.

Halloween just isn’t Halloween until you’ve watched that terrifying pumpkin boy deliver gory Halloween justice to those disrespecting the holiday, so be sure to watch it at least once before the big day…

…and make sure to follow Sam’s Halloween Rules or else he may pay you a visit!

  1. Always Wear a Costume
  2. Always Pass Out Treats
  3. Never Blow Out a Jack-o-Lantern
  4. Always Check Your Candy.

What are you dressing as for Halloween?  Sexy or Scary?

How I Made it: It was actually pretty easy.  For the frame of the pumpkin head I took strong crinoline netting and laid it over an inflated balloon, leaving the neck open.  I then applied Mod Podge until it completely covered the piece and let it dry overnight.  The next day I popped the balloon and the covered the netting with the burlap and cut holes for the eyes. Then I went full Disneyland character costume with it and stitched screen door fabric in the ye holes so that I would be able to see. Next I hand stitch the buttons, mouth and center line. Loosely sewed the gloves and used twine to tie the neck and wrists.  In the movie Sam wears and orange onesie but I had this red union suit on hand so I just went with it.

Sam costume from Trick r Treat

Trick r treat

Trick r treat Sam

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Caring for Velvet

In case you missed it last Fall, velvet is back for a encore performance in Fall 2017.

Velvet was EVERYWHERE on the Fall 2017 runways from gorgeous lux stamped velvet at Erdem to shiney matchy matchy sets at Gucci and 70s retro velvet pant suits at Prada.

Each designer gave velvet their own unique twist making the possibilities for styling it endless!

One of my favorite things about the trend is that even cheaper fabrics can look chic when you’re wearing velvet so you don’t have to spend a ton!

Whether it’s an investment piece or some fast fashion, keeping your velvet looking plush, fluffy and lux takes a little know-how.  Proper care for and storing of your velvet pieces is the key to their longevity.

Caring for Velvet

NEVER EVER iron velvet, you’ll crush the nap.  Even an iron at a low temperature can cause damage to the soft texture. If your velvet garment gets wrinkly, use a steamer to relax the creases but only steam from the INSIDE of the fabric.

Invest in a clothing brush.  This old school method of clothing care will help to remove dirt and grit that accumulates on the surface plus it will keep the velvet from becoming crushed. Brushing your velvet after every wear will help to ensure that any creases or matted patches don’t become permanent.  If you leave these spots untreated they can eventually lead to bald patches,  ESPECIALLY on velvet shoes and handbags!

Do not fold velvet and NO WIRE HANGERS! Instead hang velvet on padded hangers.  Make sure to leave some space around the piece, don’t let it become crushed in your closet.

NEVER hang your velvet inside plastic clothing bags this will make them sweat and can cause damage the fabric.

Velvet gets flattened easily, so if you spill something, don’t press or blot. Shake off the moisture and, if it leaves a stain get it to the dry cleaner ASAP.

If velvet shoes are you OBSESSION make sure to check the weather report before wearing them (Rain + Velvet= DESTRUCTION) and avoid wearing them to a club or bar where a drink could easily be spilled on them.  I have my velvet bags and shoes treated with a protective coating from my shoe repair shop.  You can do this at home as well just make sure that you follow the directions and make sure the protective spray you are using is safe for velvet.

Velvet fashion Trend

Caring for Velvet

Caring for velvet

Caring for Velvet

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