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Manly Gifting with The Art of Shaving

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

Stumped on what to get the dude in your life this holiday season?

Dudes are hard to shop for.  They just are.  Either they are the type of guy who needs EVERYTHING or the type that doesn’t need ANYTHING which leaves the gift giver in the awkward position of “OMG what the heck am I going to get him”.

Well, I have the PERFECT solution that is totally luxurious yet uber manly, feels a little dangerous (but in a good way) and is always a perfect fit,  a gift card for the Barber Spa at The Art of Shaving in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

This Barber Spa is retro outfitted with dudely vintage barber chairs where menfolk can go for a range of services, including a beard/mustache trim, a haircut or my hubby’s favorite a classic straight-razor shave.

Let me start by saying, according to my husband there is nothing like a straight razor shave.  Its one of those things EVERY guy should experience at least once in his life!  (After watching this process I wish gals could get it done on their legs!)

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

Imagine laying back in an old school barber chair, then having your face cleansed with a super-cool modern barber tool, The Power Brush (for you ladies it’s like the manly version of a Clarisonic).

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

Next a hot towel is applied to your face. Not only does the hot towel feel AMAZING the treatment also warms the skin and open up the pores preparing it for the shave.

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

After the towel is removed a luxe warm shaving lather is massaged into your skin. The lather cleanses the face of any debris and dead skin and it raises the hairs to make for precise removal.

Now comes the first shave where the barber shaves with the grain.  This step is a “once-over” to remove the bulk of the hair.

I asked my husband before if at this stage when the razor is coming towards him does he have Sweeney Todd fearful flashbacks but he laughed and said no its incredibly relaxing and not at all scary.

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

Next a second lather is applied and then a second shave.  This is the close shave where they shave against the grain to really perfect the hair removal and get any strays that were missed in the first shave.

Another Hot Towel is then applied and then The Art of Shaving’s After Shave Mask which rejuvenates the look of skin as it cleanses. It contains a unique blend of calming essential oils, hydrating rose water and purifying white kaolin clay absorbs excess oils and tones the skin. This mask is also great to use at home because it’s unique blend of 100% botanical ingredients provides relief from razor burn. (Stocking Stuffer idea!)

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

The mask is then removed with sponges, a cold towel infused with Lavender Oil is applied to help close the pores, a spritz of toner, a massage of moisturizer and the process is complete.

Your skin will feel softer and more supple than it ever has.

Pick him up a Gift Card for the full experience at The Art of Shaving in The Forum Shops at Caesars (ask for Troy my husbands favorite barber).

You can also grab him some great skincare and shaving products to use at home:

Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker POP UP SHOP

Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop Up Shop

Super exciting news Las Vegas!

Just in time for the holiday season Italian fashion giants Dolce & Gabbana are opening a sneaker pop up shop in the Forum Shops at Casears Palace.

Known for their often thematic and tongue-in-cheek collections, opulent embellishments, retro femininity and vibrant prints Dolce & Gabbana created this pop up shop to perfectly bridge the gap between streetstyle and couture by allowing shoppers to express their creativity while taking DIY to high fashion heights.

Customization is the the single biggest trend across the board this season and this pop up shop ensures you take “getting crafty” to the next level with an opulent design aesthetic.

Fueled by a passion for the original streetwear style this temporary space (opening Dec. 9 and continuing until early Feb) is a true customisation lab.

Artists are on site to help you tag up your sneakers.  Turn them into a piece of art by adding painted motifs, patches, or colourful stitchings! Add alot or a little to create something completely bespoke.


Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop Up Shop

Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop Up Shop Las Vegas

Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop Up Shop Las Vegas

One of a Kind Gifts at Kemo Sabe

Kemo Sabe Las Vegas Forum Shops

A few months ago I styled a fashion show for Luxury Las Vegas and I recieved a ton of messages on INSTAGRAM asking me where I found the AMAZING cowboy hats and boots I used in the show.

They all came from a hidden little gem at The Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace, Kemo Sabe.

With outposts in Aspen (their flagship) Vail and Las Vegas, Kemo Sabe has established themselves as a leader in contemporary Western Wear by combining old west traditions with fashion forward designs offering unique never duplicated products.

Not just for cowboys, western inspired pieces are one of the biggest trends right now.  Even Victoria’s Secret saddled up to the trend. The global lingerie company invaded Aspen this summer with an army of Angels for its 2017 holiday campaign donning Kemo Sabe’s iconic hats, chaps, belts, and boots.

With this being the season for shopping and with the NFR in town (yee haw) I thought now is the perfect time to share some of my favorite unique finds from Kemo Sabe.

Kemo Sabe True Grit Hats

Kemo Sabe Grit Cowboy Hats.

These hats are EVERYTHING. Each hat is one of a kind and hand-made in the USA. Kemo Sabe scours every square inch of the American West searching for the perfect materials and items from which to craft these gorgeous toppers from start to finish by their in house Milliner. What really sets these hats apart is the cool worn in look they have and the fact that they are fully customizable. Personalize it with a hatband, add dried flowers, or have your initials branded on it!   They will even use their a Hat steamer to shape it just how you want it.

Kemo Sabe True Grit Hats

Speaking of Personalization, Kemo Sabe sports a miniature collection of cattle brands at their ‘Branding Station’.  All cowhide and leather goods can be branded with your initials, small images, or even your family ranch brand if you have one! There’s something for everyone in the family… flasks, giant flasks, koozies, travel kits, journals, handbags, weekend bags, stockings, wallets, etc.  Perfect for gifting!

Kemo Sabe Leather Goods

Kemo Sabe Leather Goods

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you know I am OBSESSED with denim jackets so I lost my mind when I discovered Black Denim.

Artist David Black creates one of a kind custom denim jackets using vintage denim, custom patches and artwork.

Kemo Sabe carries a few of his jackets but this weekend David Black will be HERE in Las Vegas at Kemo Sabe in the Forum Shops (December 8 and 9th) showcasing an entire trunk show of his oh so perfect creations!  The ultimate time to snag one for yourself!

Kemo Sabe David Black Denim Jacket

Black Denim Custom Jacket

Kemo Sabe is Located in the Forum Shops at Caesars near Casa Fuente Cigars.

Holiday Shopping Secrets from The Fashion Show

Holiday Shopping Secrets

Black Friday is just around the corner which signals the start of holiday shopping!

With basically the entire world out shopping and looking for “that deal” it can be a bit overwhelming.

To help keep you merry (and sane) this Black Friday and throughout the entire holiday shopping season I’m sharing some pro-shopper insider holiday shopping secrets with you from The Fashion Show.

The first is one of my personal favorite amenities at Fashion Show. Ever park at one end of the mall then finish your shopping at the other and have to trek all the way back loaded down with bags?  Fashion Show Mall offers Valet On-Demand.  Complementary Valet Parking is offered at Neiman Marcus (both underground and surface level), Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Nordstrom and at valet circle near TOPSHOP on Fashion Show Drive.  This valet parking service allows shoppers to pick up their vehicle at ANY of the location regardless of which one they dropped it off at!

Shopping and a Show!  Take a break from shopping, grab a Peppermint Latte and enjoy The Fashion Show’s “belive in the Magic” holiday show on the main stage. Singers, dancers and of course Santa create a Brodway-esc holiday experience complete with snow that would get even the Grinchiest of Grinchs into the holiday mood!  Nov. 24, 25, 26. Dec. 2-3, 9-10 and 16-24 at noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

Free Gift Wrapping.  Here’s another stress saving tip.  Fashion Show treats mid-week shoppers to a Wednesday Wrap Up.  Every Wednesday Guest Services offers complementary gift wrapping (up to 5 packages per day with receipt dated same day) at the Guest Services desk.

There’s an App for everything and yes there is one for shopping at Fashion Show.  Download the GGP Mall app for the ultimate app-sisant to your shopping. The app will help you access the mall’s directory, explore sales and choose the best parking!

Power Up.  You will want to keep that smart phone charged.  It’s your way to communicate if you get separated from friends and your lifeline to find deals!  The Fashion Show has charging stations conveniently located throughout the mall to keep you connected!

Still need more help?  Here are a few of my personal tricks for Shopping the Season:

  • Don’t pile on all the pressure and stress of trying to do your holiday shopping in one day. Look at the whole season.  Retail experts report that the best deals to be had on Black Friday are on cameras, TVs, tablets, major appliances and tools while Cyber Monday offers the best deals on laptops, small appliances, toys and games.
  • Plan it Out.  Keep a list of who you need gifts for, the amount you want to spend, and any ideas you might have for the gift.
  • Shop with Purpose.  This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT tip I can give you.  Make sure you are buying for someone specific and that it’s something they would really want.  Don’t buy something just because it’s a deal.  If you shop that way in the end you will be stuck with a bag full of junk and no gifts for anyone.  Stick to your list!
  • Read the Fine Print.  Watch out for those impulse buys (remember you are going to stick to that list right?) and check your merchandise carefully before you swipe that credit card! When the deals are this good, lots of stores and online retailers mark items “final sale.” Make sure to read the fine print—or better yet, make sure you really want what you’re buying—before you do the deed.
  • Check that Price and Check it Twice.  Make sure to pay attention to signage and prices on tags THEN make sure that is what you are being charged. If there is a sign that says you get another 50% off the already marked down price be sure that the cashier is giving you that deal.  You need to be on top of your shopping game because trust me, the cashiers will be tired and overwhelmed.
  • Timing.   Check what time each store opens and what holiday deals they are offering, both at the actual store and online. There are some retailers allow you to do online shopping as early as two days before Thanksgiving while there are some which start the sale on their website a few hours before they open it on the actual store.
  • Dress Comfortable.  Leave the heels at home when you plan on pounding the pavement!  Sneakers are the way to go.
  • Hands Free.   Black Friday is done best with a mini backpack or crossbody to keep your hands free for scoring deals!
  • Speaking of Friends…Shop with one.  Tag Teaming is a way to get through shops quickly and efficiently.  On person shops while the other stands in line then switch!
  • Shake it Off.  There are going to be ALOT of cranky sleep deprived people out.  Don’t get into it with anyone, although we have all been tempted no deal is worth getting into a fist fight for,  just wish them Happy Holidays and be on your way.
  • Enjoy the Season.  Grab lunch, have a cocktail and have some fun afterall tis the season. Fashion Show has some GREAT Cocktail spots Happy Hour…

Tag me on your Black Friday hauls on Instagram- I would LOVE to see what you all score!

Dad Style on Las Vegas Now

I don’t know if you guys know this or not but Dad’s are totally trending.

Dad hats are hotter than hot, millennials are OBSESSED with Dad Bod’s and Instagram has a gazillion accounts dedicated to HOT Dad’s (Hello @DILFS_of_Disneyland) .

With Father’s Day right around the corner now is the perfect time to up the style factor of the dad in your life with some Instagram worthy Dad trends from Tommy Bahama.

Last week I did a cute little segment on Las Vegas Now with my pal Lindsey Simon to show off some hot Dad style with the help of Tommy Bahama and some handsome gents from TNG Models.

Colorful tropical prints are everything this season (as I mentioned in my OOTD last week) and Tommy Bahama is the “Dad” of tropical prints. Cody is wearing a must-have for summer, Tommy Bahama’s Cotton Camp Shirt.

It’s feather light, airy and totally breathable.  Made of cotton with just a touch of spandex, it’s designed to move with your body.  I paired it with Tommy Bahama’s lightweight Portside 10.5 shorts which are ideal for the guy that doesn’t like to show too much leg.

Shyllon is wearing something new to the Tommy Bahama range of Camp Shirts, this AMAZING Puckered texture cotton Camp Shirt.  I AM OBSESSED with the texture and feel of this fabric!  It has a seersucker vibe and creates a put together look that is equally at home at the beach, brunch or a BBQ.  This super on-trend striped short also has the puckered texture and is so AMAZING my hubby went straight to Tommy Bahama and bought them.

I get asked by alot of readers what is the on-trend length of shorts for guys.  Too short and you look like a throwback to an early 80s Richard Simmons and too long you look frumpy and unkempt. The rule of thumb is that shorts should hit about two inches ABOVE the knee.

One of my favorite Father’s Day finds is this portable BBQ from Tommy Bahama.  I love the retro style artwork.  It folds out easily for a beach BBQ then secures with the straps and leather handle making it totally portable,

Jewaun is also wearing a Puckered Texture Cotton Camp Shirt.  I am so OBSESSED with these shirts I couldn’t stop touching them the whole segment LOL.

This print has a cool retro Hawaiian feel and I paired it with these easy, super comfy Island Chino pants then gave them a cuff at the bottom for a beachy resort look that is totally Hot Dad Worthy.

You can pick up these looks for the dad in your life at Tommy Bahama retail locations nataionwide.  In Las Vegas at Town Square, Fashion Show, Forum Shops and Miracle Mile Shops.

Click Below to watch the full segment: