How to Wear Stripes Like a Boss

Stripes Trend Spring 2018

So you may have heard, Stripes are hot for Spring 2018.

Designers painted the runways with big, bold stripes from vertical to horizontal, broad banned and pencil thin, vibrant, bold and colorful in everything from dual tones to the full rainbow stripes are EVERYWHERE this season.

The word “stripes” somehow instantly strikes fear into the hearts of every gal.  We were taught from an early age that stripes make you look bigger- and no one wants that so most people avoid them all together.

I’m here to tell you to throw out those outdated fashion rules.  It’s ok to wear stripes- they just have to be the RIGHT type of stripes.  I know it’s scary but I’m here to help.

There are a few tricks you can use to wear stripes and rock them like a boss, here is how.

The key with stripes (as with any other trend) is to choose a silhouette that flatters your frame and brings focus to your physical pluses rather than drawing attention to the parts of your body that you would rather camouflage. So you don’t have the most “runway” type frame, well neither do I but you can still wear stripes! I rock my stripes in a silhouette with a fitted waist and full skirt, a tried and true silhouette for me.

If you wear stripes vertically they can be slimming and even appear to add a few inches to your height. Horizontal stripes strategically placed at your bust and hips can create an optical illusion of a smaller waist. Wider stripes tend to add a bit of width so they are perfect for creating the illusion of a larger bust or to create the illusion of curves on boyish figures.

Stripes of varying sizes can help create curves where you may not have them while still flattering your natural figure and smaller stripes can create a narrowing illusion.

Try mixing and matching your stripes (yes, you can wear stripes of different sizes and colors in the same outfit!), go head to toe or just use them as an accent.  The fun of fashion is experimenting!

Still hearing your mother’s warnings echoing in your ears?  Stripes still too scary?  Try adding stripes in baby steps.  Start by adding them with accessories like shoes and handbags! With a little practice you’ll be painting the town striped in no time!

How to Wear Stripes

How to wear Stripes

How to wear Stripes

Lucky Brand Belt Buckle

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

How to Wear Stripes

Free People Boots

How to Wear Stripes

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Dress from StilettosandSinCity | Free People Carrera Bootie (I found these at Marshalls but you can also find them here) | Lucky Brand Belt and Buckle | Vintage Saddle Bag (Similar found here) | Marc Jacobs Sunglasses |

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How to Wear Stripes and pull them off like a boss!


Treat ‘Yo Self Without Breaking the Bank

Beauty On a Budget

Whether you’re finishing a tough work week or just need a little “me time”, it’s important to #treatyoself, right?

Unfortunately, pricey trips to the spa are not really an option if you’re on a budget (hey I have shoes to buy), but you shouldn’t have to miss out on a little indulgence just because you don’t have the cash to splurge.

Instead, check out these easy ways to pamper yourself for cheap (they are all under $50) without ever leaving your home….. and you can relax even more knowing they are all cruelty free!

Arbonne Rescue & Renew Detox Bath Soak

ONE: ARBONNE Rescue & Renew Detox Bath Soak. Ah-MAZING.  Take time to release your stress and soak in all the goodness of a warm bath with these quick-dissolving cruelty free/ vegan pink sea salt crystals!  They help remove surface impurities and cleanse the skin, while turmeric root extract helps boost radiance. $38 Available at

Ethique Foot Polish

TWO: Ethique Pumice & Peppermint Foot Polish. Breathe new life into your feet with this must-have product from eco-friendy leader Ethique. You are on your feet all day, but how often do you show them your appreciation? Show them some love with a refreshing foot scrub made with peppermint oil, pumice and lashings of cocoa butter to help with cracked heels and dry bits. To use, soak your feet in warm water for five minutes (optional). Wet the bar and scrub your feet gently, focusing on the heel and toes. Rinse with warm water.  $14.50 at

Dear By renee Mask

THREE: Dear by Renee Pomegrante Hydrating Mask. This unique gel-based cruelty free mask utilizes Pomegranate Seed Oil to even skin tone while Aloe Vera Leaf and Mushroom Extracts work to nourish and soften skin ensuring a healthy and glowing complexion. Put it on while you soak in the tub for the ultimate ahhhh- moment. $49.95 at

Cara Moisturizer

FOUR: CARA Moisturizer. Finish your home spa treatment with this cruelty free nourishing moisturizer developed to deeply hydrate after a long day. Infused with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Açaí the antioxidant rich formula provides incredible hydration helping to leave skin feeling very soft and feel protected from environmental damage. $24.94 Available at

Cruelty Free Beauty Products fro an at home spa day that won;t break the bank.


FURLA Opens at Forum Shops

Furla Opens Boutique At The Forum Shops

FURLA’s SS18 Collection is  a feast for the eyes!

Fruits of every color you’ll want to sink your teeth into. If your vibe is to stand tall like a pineapple and wear a crown, maybe a pineapple shaped handbag is just the right amount of sweet to compliment your mood. Or if you are craving a healthy dose of vitamin C maybe a few slices displayed on your weekend tote is just what you have been looking for.  If life gives you lemons.. show them off on an Instagram worthy crossbody bag!

Furla Spring Summer 2018 Collection

FURLA, the iconic Italian leather goods retailer, opened the doors last week to their first Las Vegas Boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

If you follow my blog you know that FURLA is one of my favorite handbag designers- my Metropolis Satchel is seen on repeat in my OOTD photos.  So OBVIOUSLY I was beyond excited about the opening and was invited to get a sneak peek a few hours before the store opened where I viewed the SS18 Collection and sat down with FURLA CEO of the Americas Scott Link to find out the secret to FURLA’s success.

 Q: Until the past few years I think FURLA wasn’t as well known in the US as it was in Europe.  Now EVERY girl knows what a Candy Bag is.  How do you credit the recent success that FURLA has had in the US Market?

SL: I THINK THE Candy bag really helped because it was one of the first collections with our current designer Fabio. If you look at FURLA’s history our biggest growth has been in the last 6 years since Fabio came aboard.  Candy changed FURLA and then Metropolis really put us on the map and the continued playfulness in design themes and staying true to our Italian heritage is the next evolution of it.  The US is really to run wild with FURLA.  This is a big year for us.

Q: What inspired the Spring Collection?

SL: In Italy Italians are really big about only eating what is in season. The inspiration was centered around fruits of the season in Italy. A nod to our Italian history and heritage.  We did it in fun playful ways by mixing fruits with flowers, birds and butterflies and then really punching up the colors of the bags and just having fun with it.  

Q: What is THE must-have bag in the collection?

SL: Any of the fruits! They are eye grabbing, fun, colorful and playful.  We made a slightly larger version of the classic Metropolis this season because as smart phones are growing ladies are noticing they are having a harder time fitting their phones in their bags so we re-designed to accommodate that need. Our Creative Director’s test of bags is that if he hands you a bag you should smile.  If you don’t smile there is more work he needs to do on the bag.  I think every bag in this collection brings a smile!

Q: What sets FURLA apart from other brands?

SL: I think it’s that we have a really wonderful tradition and heritage centered around Italy and its craftsmanship which is really important to us. A majority of all of our products are still made in Italy, all of our leathers are Italian leather and as much as it might be easier to change that it is something we stay true to.

Q: How does a classic brand like FURLA stay relevant in a social media fast fashion culture?

SL: One of the things that we are doing is instead of just doing four collections a year we are trying to infuse newness every month. A new story with a 360 view of that story through digital marketing, store windows, the staff training and customer’s newsletters.  We have shifted the bulk of our advertising dollars to a digital platform and we launched the FURLA Society  which will continue to evolve this year.  We love the idea of the characters and the bags intermingling.

Q: You mentioned the  FURLA Society, what is it?

SL: We worked with a new agency out of the UK to really take our campaign from print to a more digital platform. It’s about an inclusive luxury.  A campaign that everyone can feel a part of.  A playfulness centering around how the bags have a life of their own. The bags turn into the people and the people turn into the bags.  We love it because we really believe that a bag is an expression of who you are and how you want to be seen in the world. The FURLA Society plays that up.

Q: How do you define luxury?

SL: We focus on “Inclusive Luxury”.  At FURLA we say we have “stolen” the best things out of luxury meaning beautiful store designs, beautiful packing and an incredible service level but we place emphasis on that everyone really feels welcome. Whether you are there just to look, buy a $50 key ring or a $1,000 bag you will receive the same type of service and to me that’s what luxury is really all about- making people feel really welcomed no matter what they buy or don’t buy and leaving them with an experience that is memorable and they will share with others.

Q: Why open a boutique in Las Vegas?

SL: Las Vegas is a crossroads of the world. Everyone comes to Vegas from all income levels, all areas of the world and we thought it was the perfect place to really introduce them to the new FURLA. We felt The Forum Shops- maybe because of it’s Italian heritage (LOL)– really worked for us.  What we love about The Forum Shops is that it is so inclusive. It has every brand and every demographic in it.  It wasn’t just exclusively a luxury retail center. It felt akin to us and our idea of “Inclusive Luxury”.

Q: Men’s line – Furla ZEUS – what is the buzz around this exciting new line?

SL: We launched mens in a very serious way about a year ago and it’s a replica of the womens collection in terms of providing a really great product at an affordable price point but also still having a personality to it. We aren’t doing basic boring work bags.  They definitely have personality and character.  The Vegas Boutique doesn’t carry FURLA ZEUS because there just isn’t enough space but it is available online and in our New York boutique.

Q: What do we have to look forward to in the Fall collection?

SL: Fall is really exciting. It is centered around strong women and interpreted through sports inspiration.  There is a nod to rock climbing, fencing, ice skating and boxing.  It was about Fabio speaking to that we think the FURLA woman is a strong woman who has her own ideas.  Its subtle in the details- some of the hardware resembles rock climbing hooks and there is also some beautiful silver mesh on some of the bags to represent fencing. It’s really stunning.  We are also incorporating some high tech fabrics such as nylon, weatherproofing and quilted down into the bags not just leather. To make the bags more durable and lightweight for an active lifestyle.

FURLA Boutique Forum Shops

FURLA Spring Collection 2018

FURLA Spring Summer 2018 Collection

FURLA SS 18 KeyRings

FURLA Spring Summer Collection 2018

FURLA Spring Summer 2018 Collection

FURLA Spring Summer 2018 Collection


Smak Parlour Two Best Babes Designing Awesome Clothing

Smak Parlour Collection

That perfect fit.  That perfect dress.

It’s the unicorn we all chase.  Buying something straight off the rack and having it fit like a dream.  Well, today I met (or should I say wore) a unicorn and it was created by Smak Parlour.

You may not know the name but you have definitely seen their designs. Available at shops such as MODCLOTH, Unique Vintage and on thier own website,  Smak Parlour has been rapidly gaining a savvy fashion following.

It all began when two fashion-loving gals met, became BFF’s and decided the world was better when they liked their outfits.

Abby and Katie were uninspired by the mall selection, so they began hunting through thrift shops to find fabrics and details they liked then cut up and reassemble their thrift shop finds to create their own looks, and an extensive joint clothing collection.  After fashion school, many jobs in retail and a time in NYC’s garment district, they made the decision not to wait for opportunity, but to create it.  The duo designed a line of deconstructed and embellished tees that they sold to boutiques across the country out of the trunk of their car.


Orders were fulfilled via all-nighters with the help of Katie’s mom and the use of her basement.  What followed was a loyal fan base and the confidence to open their own shop featuring their designs.

With sewing machines, tailors and bolts of fabric on site, 2005 saw the launch of their pink brick and mortar Smak Parlour, in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood.  They put all start-up costs on credit cards, and had them paid off within four years.  The boutique achieved critical acclaim in news outlets such as BBC, the New York Times, Glamour and Vogue.  From its beginnings as their in-house label, Smak Parlour has grown into an international wholesale brand that is American made in downtown LA.

Abby & Katie design what they love, it’s as simple as that.  Their fits have been perfected through more than a decade of first-hand experience from their own shop utilizing women of diverse sizing as fit models and the proof it in the dress.  A perfect fit every-time.

Smak Parlour aims to satisfy the need for stand-out yet wearable women’s designs that compliment vintage and cross over to contemporary. The Smak Parlour Cut & Sew Collection boasts one-of-a-kind fabrics created from original artwork popping with plenty of print play…life is too short to wear boring clothes! Everything is domestically produced in the USA and directly supports small businesses and independent artists.

What I Love about this Dress: Ummmm of course the fit!  One of my favorite things to do is layer dresses with shirts and this dress has that look built right in PLUS it has pockets,  a bow and its totally twirlable!   

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection Dress

Smak Parlour Dress

What I’m Wearing: Smak Parlour Collection Navy Dress with Navy and White Striped Sleeves and Bow | Vintage Gucci GG Web Tote | Ted Baker Heels |

Click to SHOP Some of my Favorite pieces from SMAK Parlour below or visit their site at

How to get the perfect fitting dress every time.


Spring Fashion Trends with Neiman Marcus

Spring Fashion Trends from Neiman Marcus

Last week I hosted a fabulous Influencer Fashion Happy Hour at Neiman Marcus for their CUSP event.

What happen’s when you get 25 fashion influencers in a room?  Well, we sipped on stunning rainbow martini’s from the Mariposa Cafe, snacked on delish aperitif’s and of course chatted about the most Instagram worthy trends of the season.

It all comes down to Stripes, Rainbows, Bold Color, Florals and Glitter. For Spring Summer 2018 it’s time to bring out that Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Rainbow Stripes Trend Ss18

This season reach for the brightest, boldest, most eye-catching Stripes you can find!   Re-imagined and refreshed Spring 2018 offers a fun and playful take on the classic pattern.  Stripes in both bold colors and rainbow iterations hit the mark for SS18.

Soft Sunnies Trend Spring 2018

Look at the World through rose, or sunny yellow or baby blue colored glasses.  Soft Sunnies, aka colored tinted lens sunglasses are EVERYTHING this season. Whether you rock aviators, shields, wayfarers or over-sized sunnies, this season it’s not so much about the silhouette as it is the shade you are viewing the world through.

Bold Color and Floral Trend SS18

Bright, bold optimistic colors in a rainbow of saturated mood boosting shades paired with Spring’s classic Floral Prints make for an eye catching combo to brighten your outlook.

Glitter Trend SS18

Shine Bright like a Diamond.  Glitter and sparkle this season in everything from your lips to your eyes, shoes and clothing.  I am OBSESSED with these Gucci glitter sneakers and Sophia Webster for PUMA trainers.

Sophia Webster for PUMA

Shoe Trends SS18

Point those Toes!  Pointy Toe Heels are BAAACK for SS18. The best part is they make your legs look long and lean! That would make any gal happy!

Rainbow Jewelry Trend SS18

Rainbow Everything. Show off your true colors- ALL of them- this season in a bright burst of rainbow stripes.  The rainbow jewelry trend lets you sparkle and shine in a bold array of colors and textures.  From Boho to Full-on-Glam step over the rainbow in a piece that suits your personal style.

Neiman Marcus CUSP Trends SS18

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends. Add some Happy vibes to your wardrobe this season!


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