Weird But it Works Freezing Your Nylons and Tights

 Freezing Your Nylons

There’s nothing I hate more than pulling on a brand-new pair of tights or pantyhose only to rip them seconds later.

Hosiery has caused many a fashion crisis over the years.

Right now hosiery is hot, hot hot! Everything from fishnets to opaque tights and barely there pantyhose.  The fashion world is in LOVE with leg-wear at the moment but with it comes a problem, no matter how careful you are, the rips, runs and snags just seem to be inevitable and leg-wear isn’t cheap!  No one wants to waste $20-$60 on a hosiery that they can only wear one time before it snags- or in some cases ZERO times if it rips while your putting it on.

Stylist to the rescue….I have a pretty amazing stylist’s trick for extending the life of tights/nylons.

This is going to sound crazy but trust me it works…….and it will change your hosiery life.

Freeze Your Nylons and Tights, yep FREEZE them.

The next time you buy a new pair of tights or pantyhose (and BEFORE you wear them), run them under water until they’re damp. Then place them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight. Take them out and let them come to room temp before wearing. You only need to do this once–after that, you’re good to go. The chilly temps firm and strengthen the individual fibers, making them less susceptible to runs later on.

This will make your nylons and tights last longer, stay run-free, lint-free and vibrant in color.

For a little extra insurance once you have your pantyhose on give them a quick spray down with hairspray. This bonds the fibers together, making your tights less likely to get runs or snags.

And just like your mom taught you, as soon as you see the beginning of a snag, apply some clear nail polish to the spot to stop it from running.

Stylist’s Tip: Never, ever put hosiery in the dryer. It will break down the elasticity in the fabric, causing that dreaded roll-down-your-hips-and-belly-right-when-you-sit-down-moment. Always hand wash in COLD water (remove any rings and make sure nails are filed or wear gloves, before washing) and then hang to dry.

 How to Make Your Tights and Nylons Last Longer:  Freeze them!


Crop It with Seasonal Transition Pieces

Seasonal Transition Pieces

Even though we are neck deep in winter it’s time to start thinking about seasonal transition pieces- wardrobe pieces that you can wear now and into Spring.

The best way to dip your toes into Spring is to slowly start incorporating some key-trends into your look now.  It will make the seasonal transition easier plus you’ll be 1/2 way through your Spring shopping before the season even begins!

Fashion Week gave us a glimpse into the trends we’ll be wearing this coming Spring and floral dresses are a key trend for SS18

I have a secret to share, a sure fire trick to making an easy transition from winter to spring…..cropped sweaters.

A cropped sweater PLUS a flouncy Spring dress is in-between season MAGIC!

A cozy cropped sweater makes a warm weather dress work for the cooler season – just add ankle boots and tights or nylons.  In a couple months when the weather starts warming up ditch the sweater, tights and boots and add a sneaker, sandals or heels to Springify the look.

It’s an effortlessly hip take on layering that will help you transition stylishly into spring PLUS with all the manic weather we’ve been having you’ll be prepared for warmer days.

Stylist’s NOTE: The sweater and dress I am wearing are sold as a set but you can achieve this look easily with separates.

Seasonal Transition Pieces

Seasonal Transition Pieces

What I’m Wearing: Maeve Osceola Dress | Donald J Pliner Jorie Velvet Bootie | TOPSHOP Clutch |

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Seasonal Transition Pieces- Pieces to help you navigate the seasons in style


Taking the Pain Out of Patent Leather

Patent Leather Care

Patent leather.  It’s chic, sleek and luxe but keeping that gorgeous finish requires a little special care.

All patent leather lovers have suffered from at least one of these fashion emergencies: Color Transfer, Foggy Finish or Fingerprint Central and sadly there are no quick fixes or secret tricks that actually solve most of these problems.

If you follow my Insta-Stories, a couple weeks ago I shared my trials with a few of the popular Pinterest tips for cleaning patent leather including: Milk, Scotch Tape and Mineral Oil.  In my opinion NONE of these wacky methods work.

Although the internet is full of even more DIY’s for patent leather cleaning, like using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover (eek I would never), taking the pain out of patent leather is really all about preventative care.

Patent leather get’s it’s glossy appearance from a process where the leather is coated with lacquer, that’s what makes it super duper shiny.

Because of this process patent leather is far more resistant to marks and stains than some other, more delicate leathers. However, it is prone to color transfer and scuffing.

Keeping your patent leather pristine is all about daily care. Wipe your patent leather down with a baby wipe or a dryer sheet after use to get rid of remove smudges and dust.  If you use a baby wipe make sure to buff it out with a clean dry cloth immediately after.

For stubborn dust and smudging, spray a cloth with Windex and buff away the grime. Always dry and then buff IMMEDIATELY after anything wet touches the patent leather with a fresh, dry cloth.

One of the major problems with patent leather is that it picks up dyes and colors from other fabrics (such as clothing, etc.) very easily. Removing this is super difficult so the best thing to do is to take steps to prevent it.  Avoid allowing your handbag come in constant contact with other clothing, etc. that may have dyes that transfer easily such as denim.  A white patent leather bag rubbing against dark denim on a hot day spells DISASTER!

Surprisingly, most damage to patent leather occurs during storage and this is easily preventable!

Always store your patent leather in its original dustbag. This will keep dust, grime and moisture from ruining the bag. To maintain the shape of your bag, make sure to store the bag in an upright position or the storage could create permanent dents in the patent leather.

Extended time pressed against another leather piece or plastic can cause color transfer. To prevent dye transfer, store patent leather away from colored plastic or cotton bags. (Polyester or rayon bags are fine.) And keep handbags separated; leaning one against another can also cause discoloration.

Some scuffs and stains are so severe that they will penetrate the leather below the surface coating creating a foggy or yellowed appearance. Unlike other leathers, there is no cleaner or conditioner that will slowly buff away hard stains or deep discoloration. Long term wear can cause discoloration, as well as long-term exposure to sunlight. This type of discoloration is usually irreversible.  It’s best to take the piece to a professional to see if they can do anything about it.

Stylist’s TIP:  In general when dealing with any type of leather or suede, be mindful of the materials you wear when going out and how they might affect one another. If you are wearing brand new dark denim jeans, you definitely do not want to go out with light colored shoes or accessories because the color will transfer!

How to Care for Patent Leather


Why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

Knit Skirts and Dresses

There is nothing better than a piece that combines style, fit and comfort.

Let’s face it, our bodies aren’t all created equal and we certainly don’t all have curves in the same places which is why shopping off the rack, without any alterations, can be difficult for many of us.

Some are bigger in the hips while others might have a bit of a tummy or broad shoulders or a large chest, so getting the perfect fit universally out of standard sizing can be challenging.

One of my long time fashion loves that solves so many fashion problems with it’s wonderful figure flattering powers is knit skirts and dresses.

They are the perfect balance between style, fit and comfort.

I’m not talking about chunky sweater knits, I mean beautifully luxe lightweight fitted knit skirts and dresses in form-fitting and A-line cuts.

Not only do they emphasize your figure they also make you feel feminine and are super comfortable.

The knit fabric stretches and adjusts perfectly to all your curves making a knit skirt or dress the most ultra flattering piece for any type of figure.

Knits pair with just about anything AND are wearable in all seasons- you can find slightly heavier weights with tighter weaves for winter like the skirt I am wearing here or feather-light  breathable ones for summer like the M Missoni one I wore in my “Cactus Print Trend” post last summer.

Every gal needs at least one knit skirt/dress in their fashion arsenal (aka closet), trust me it will be your go-to “I always look good and feel good in it” piece.

Why I love knit skirts and dresses

How to wear knit skirts and dresses

Kate Spade Terrace Bag

Why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

Denim jacket Trends

why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

What I’m Wearing: Saks Fifth Avenue RED Ruffle Denim Jacket | Saks Fifth Avenue Textured Flare Skirt | MODCLOTH Blouse | Anna Sui for INC Dazzler Western Boot | Kate Spade Bow Terrace Justine Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Ring|

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Pantyhose Are Back

This season pantyhose are back in a big way, that’s right…. pantyhose.

The things your mom used to bring home in weird egg-shaped packaging.  The things once worn by flight attendants, first ladies and EVERYONE in the Mad Men era are cool again!

Sitting front row at the Spring 2018 Naeem Khan Runway show Paula Abdul caused a fashion stir when she wore a pair of nude Donna Karan pantyhose.  Social media exploded with photos questioning her bold nude leg choice.

Fast forward through a few more shows and nude pantyhose became a recurring theme.  Alessandro Michele donned his models in granny stockings and nude hosiery at Gucci and Helmut Lang showcased the full monty of pantyhose complete with control tops in their Spring 2018 shows.

The rapidly growing trend has already made it’s way to the streets.

Duchess Kate is often credited with bringing back nude-nylon-covered legs and flashier stars like Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Ariana Grande are also fans of flesh-toned hose.

You know something is officially a trend if it starts popping up on CW shows and Veronica (Camila Mendes) on Riverdale has been rockin’ some nude pantyhose all season.

“Pantyhose makes an outfit more elegant, makes a lady or a girl look more put together, and that is what Veronica is,” Riverdale’s Costume Designer Rebekka Sorensen-Kjelstrup told Vanity Fair, “It doesn’t matter what she’s doing. At all times she is put together, and pantyhose just makes that clean line from head to toe. Even if it’s just nude, there’s something about it that’s very elegant”.

Why pantyhose?  Well this once thought-of-as-antiquated accessory is like makeup for your legs.

They disguise blemishes and varicose veins, and make legs appear smoother and, depending on what shade you choose, tanner.  German hosiery brand Item M6 even makes what they call an “Invisible Tight” which actually improves your circulation while lifting and smoothing and London based hosiery brand Heist worked with 67 women over 12 months on a quest to free women from uncomfortable fitting pantyhose. The result? A nude sheer pantyhose that won’t sag, pinch, scratch or dig. Yes, that super-tight and restrictive waistband is a thing of the past.

Another PLUS for pantyhose is that they make a great seasonal transition piece.  If you don’t feel like looking as bundled up as tights they are a great way to keep a little warmth on your legs while embracing a Spring look AND they will help hide that “winter white” shade your legs became over the cold weather season!

To rock the nude pantyhose look opt for sheer coverage, where you can see your actual legs through the fabric, and try to match as closely as possible to your skin tone.  The idea is for your legs to look almost airbrushed and avoid them if you are wearing open toe shoes.

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