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Why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

Knit Skirts and Dresses

There is nothing better than a piece that combines style, fit and comfort.

Let’s face it, our bodies aren’t all created equal and we certainly don’t all have curves in the same places which is why shopping off the rack, without any alterations, can be difficult for many of us.

Some are bigger in the hips while others might have a bit of a tummy or broad shoulders or a large chest, so getting the perfect fit universally out of standard sizing can be challenging.

One of my long time fashion loves that solves so many fashion problems with it’s wonderful figure flattering powers is knit skirts and dresses.

They are the perfect balance between style, fit and comfort.

I’m not talking about chunky sweater knits, I mean beautifully luxe lightweight fitted knit skirts and dresses in form-fitting and A-line cuts.

Not only do they emphasize your figure they also make you feel feminine and are super comfortable.

The knit fabric stretches and adjusts perfectly to all your curves making a knit skirt or dress the most ultra flattering piece for any type of figure.

Knits pair with just about anything AND are wearable in all seasons- you can find slightly heavier weights with tighter weaves for winter like the skirt I am wearing here or feather-light¬† breathable ones for summer like the M Missoni one I wore in my “Cactus Print Trend” post last summer.

Every gal needs at least one knit skirt/dress in their fashion arsenal (aka closet), trust me it will be your go-to “I always look good and feel good in it” piece.

Why I love knit skirts and dresses

How to wear knit skirts and dresses

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Why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

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why I Love Knit Skirts and Dresses

What I’m Wearing: Saks Fifth Avenue RED Ruffle Denim Jacket | Saks Fifth Avenue Textured Flare Skirt | MODCLOTH Blouse | Anna Sui for INC Dazzler Western Boot | Kate Spade Bow Terrace Justine Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Ring|

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